ISNIC EPP Interface Specification


1.9.172015-05-12addinfo domain
1.9.172015-05-12addinfo contact
1.9.172015-05-12addcreate domain
1.9.172015-05-12addcreate host
1.9.172015-05-12adddelete domain
1.9.172015-05-12adddelete host
1.9.172015-05-12addcreate contact
1.9.172015-05-12addrenew domain
1.9.172015-05-12updaterenamed creditCardID to cardID in domain extension, since we mainly use this for prepaid accounts occurring before login where not being handled correctly msg in result was not being set correctly after refactor to allow custom msg domain host host host domain supports change registrant domain supports add/removal nameservers domain supports add/removal of 'clientHold' status domain supports add/removal of contacts domain supports add/removal of dsdata contact * cert and allow clients to use standard certificate authorities exit on SIGHUP with empty cl_trid caused an internal server error response did not include the message itself contact was not working thread safety issue which caused server to stop responding to requests not return domain name with prepended garbage in poll request for domain delete registry initiated 'pending action notification' messages for status changes, domain delete and redelegations elements in our extended schemas xml sequence examples to our epp interface specification updateType to domain extension to better control primary nameserver custom list extension to fetch 'my' list (list of domains associated with logged in user) using fax field on contacts "2500 Command failed error" for domain:info when looking up pendingCreate domains now returns pendingCreate domains "2500 Command failed error" for contact:info when looking up nonexistent contact now returns pendingCreate contacts certain conditions utf8 does not work, causing "Invalid character, are you by any change sending utf8 encoded strings into latin-1 containers?" errors bug where domains with more then 56 letters cannot be registered a backend issue which caused updates to a contacts postcode to be ignored account extension and account:info action to list all accounts for logged in user no longer returns error 2302 when creating a duplicate contact. Instead it returns 1000 and the creData of the existing contact in resData caused a server info if an account held a balance that caused an error when casting from float to double always returned a server error, unless the contact already existed. The contacts were created though, so another call to contact:create would return success did not handle contact type correctly with undisclosed addresses caused illegal response xml to be returned with extensions in the phone numbers caused illegal response xml to be returned where being created with the default create date of 1970-01-01 were created with status pendingCreate, not okUnconfirmed as intended backend to allow 1,2 and 3 years period in domain:create and 1,2,3,4 and 5 years in domain:renew adding newline to msg elements bug renData:exDate is not returned in domain:renew error messages in domain:update change add/rem contacts libphonenumber libphonenumber to 8.4.0 NPE in domain:update when in dnssec extenstion remType.all is not set update:domain rgp:update:restore to cancel domain delete
1.9.232017-08-05fixfix bug causing cltrid not being updated between actions
1.9.232017-08-05fixfix bug session leakage
1.9.242017-08-07fixfix 'internal server error' in info:contact when contact is legacy contact with no email
1.9.242017-08-07addreturn trnData notification messages when contacts of domains are changed
1.9.252017-08-07fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.8.1
1.9.262017-09-27fixFix logs
1.9.262017-09-27fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.8.2
1.9.272017-11-03fixInternal ratelimit changes
1.9.272017-11-03fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.8.5
1.9.282017-11-08fixReturn better error msg when logging out when not logged in
1.9.292018-01-18fixPut correct ip address as last logged in ip address on contact
1.9.292018-01-18fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.8.9
1.9.302018-04-25addchange default behaviour to do not disclose for contacts person
1.9.302018-04-25addif name is withheld info:contact returns " "
1.9.312018-04-27fixIncrease timeout in create:host to 4 min
1.9.332018-09-20fixReturn REQUIRED_PARAMETER_MISSING on missing oldPw in contact change
1.9.332018-09-20fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.9.13
1.9.362019-01-16fixInternal log changes
1.9.362019-01-16fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.10.3
1.9.372019-01-21fixInternal log changes
1.9.382019-01-31fixChange number of worker threads
1.9.382019-01-31fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.10.4
1.9.412019-03-28fixChange internal event loops
1.9.412019-03-28fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.10.8
1.9.422019-04-08fixIP address changes on host got stuck in poll
1.9.422019-04-08fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.10.9
1.9.42 (internal change)2019-06-24addChange check:domain to use other internal API (has ratelimit)
1.9.502019-06-25fixPlug memory leak
1.9.502019-06-25fixIncrease timeout in create:host to 6 min
1.9.512019-06-25fixFix NPE in check:domain
1.9.532019-06-26updateInternal ratelimit changes
1.9.532019-06-26fixBroken ratelimit on ip
1.9.542019-10-09fixe-mail not required in public whois
1.9.542019-10-09fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.10.20
1.9.562019-11-07fixInternal log changes
1.9.562019-11-07fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.10.22
1.9.572020-04-03fixinfo:contact returns registrant info if authCode is sent
1.9.572020-04-03fixUpdate various dependencies, libphonenumber to 8.12.1
1.9.57 (backend only)2020-06-02fixenforce ip/subnet acl, allow epp login with totp enabled on contact
1.9.592020-06-09addInternal health checks
1.9.592020-06-09updateUpdate libphonenumber to 8.12.5
1.9.602020-07-28updateUpdate libphonenumber to 8.12.7
1.9.60 (backend only)2021-01-25fixPostal code on contact only required if country is Iceland
1.9.652021-06-24updateUpdate libphonenumber to 8.12.24
1.9.652021-06-24addInternal log changes
1.9.662021-12-16updateUpdate libphonenumber to 8.12.39 and other libs
1.9.672022-01-07updateUpdate libphonenumber to 8.12.40 and other libs
1.10.12022-02-22updateinfo:contact can now return correct sponsoring client
1.10.12022-02-22updateaccess control on info:contact now uses sponsoring client
1.10.12022-02-22update'serverApproved' transfer notification sponsoring client updates
1.10.12022-02-22updateAdd TOKENIZED_CARD brandType to is-ext-account-1.0 schema
1.10.12022-02-22updateUpdate libphonenumber to 8.12.43
1.10.1 (bakend only)2022-02-28updatePre accepted registrant transfer for sponsoring clients
1.10.22022-03-01fixbug in new 'serverApproved' contact transfer notification
1.10.22022-03-01updateUpdate libphonenumber to 8.12.44
1.10.2 (bakend only)2022-03-04fixcreate:domain returns 2302 instead of 2400 on unique key constraint
1.10.32022-03-09fixInternal log changes
1.10.42022-03-29fixDependency changes, no functional change intended
1.10.52022-04-19fixDependency changes, no functional change intended
1.10.62022-05-11fixInternal log changes
1.10.82022-10-11fixUpdate libphonenumber to 8.12.56
1.10.102022-12-13fixBetter shutdown
1.10.132023-03-28fixupdate contact supports changing name of contacts
1.10.13 (bakend only)2023-06-01updateDeprecate cancel paper invoices
Backend2023-08-24updateAdd period to domain:create
Backend2023-09-07updateRemove backup card
Total 132 items.