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Nov 2, 2011

New Domain Registration Rules

Published before on September 12. 2011...
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Oct 14, 2011

What am I paying the registry for?

Sometimes our customers ask (and with right) "what is it we are paying ISNIC for"? The short version of the answer is to explain what happens if ISNIC stops servicing the domain. Then neither email nor the webpage will be found, in fact the domain disappears off the...
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Oct 6, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

A true leader and pioneer in the world of computers, Mr. Steve Jobs, has passed away - at only 56 years of age. The states today: "NOBODY else in the computer industry, or any other industry for that matter, could put on a show like Steve Jobs...".As many of...
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Sep 12, 2011

Domain Registration Rules Reorganized

The .IS registration rules (.is domain policy) has been reorginzed and rewritten. No substantial changes have been made but the rule wording has been changed and modernized. The reorganization work was done by a law student Steindór Dan Jensen in cooperation with the ISNIC...
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Aug 1, 2011

Bank holiday

ISNIC's office is closed today, first Monday in August, which is Merchants holiday in Iceland. We will be back tomorrow morning.
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Jun 30, 2011

Direct domain registrations

ISNIC is the registry operator for the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .is (Iceland). Since ISNIC allows direct registrations, you may choose either to register your .is-domain directly here on our website, or through one of ISNIC's Providers or Agents...
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Jun 17, 2011

Iceland National Day

Today, June 17th is the Iceland National Day, or independence day. ISNIC, and most Icelandic companies are therefore closed. ISNIC's office is open again on monday. You register and pay for an .is domain here on our website 24/7.
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Jun 2, 2011

ISNIC's office closed on Ascension Day

Like all icelandic companies, ISNIC closes it's office today. We will be back on friday.
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May 6, 2011

Web Forwarding of additional Domain

A recently launched service in the ISNIC solution enables the owners of .is domains to redirect one domain to another, commonly refered to as web forwarding. This is a limited DNS service which can be useful for additional domains like temporary marketing domains or domains...
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Apr 21, 2011

Bank holiday and easter

ISNIC closes the offices during the easter vacation like so many Icelandic businesses. Easter lasts from 22nd April - 25th April. We will be available again on tuesday, 26th April. Domains can be registered at any time if you use a credit card...
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Apr 18, 2011

.is best Scandinavian Domain according to McAfee Report 2010

The annual McAfee® report "Mapping the Mal Web" listing the worlds riskiest domains 2010 has just been released. The report finds that yet again the .is domain is in good order with regards to very high reliability and the lack of errors.According to McAfee® the .is...
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Apr 16, 2011

FTP celebrates it's 40th birthday

Today is the 40th anniversary of FTP, the original file sharing protocal (File Transfer Protocol). It's described by RFC114 which was published on this day in 1971 by Abhay Bhushan...
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Mar 4, 2011

20% increase in domain registrations

The number of new domains in february were 672 compared to 558 in february 2010, giving an increase of about 20%. The number of deleted domains were 225 compared to 200 in february 2010. The net increase in domains in february this year is about 447 domains compared to 358...
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Dec 20, 2010

Under what circumstances would ISNIC close or delete the domain based on the contents of their website?The answer is simple, such an action would require a formal court order from an Icelandic court. ISNIC has never been handed such a verdict about any...
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Dec 10, 2010

Dispute lock - A new service from ISNIC

While a domain dispute is being processed by the authorities, it is necessary to prevent the disputed domain from being transferred (it's registrant changed) to a third party. ISNIC will therefore implement the possibility of placing a domain into dispute-lock...
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Nov 17, 2010

Quality Laws for quality domains

The Icelandic ministry of Communications has proposed a new law concerning the country code top level domain .is. The proposed new law also covers any future top level domains that in some way reference or are related to Iceland...
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Oct 5, 2010

Free Web forwarding by ISNIC

You can now let ISNIC forward your .IS domain to any given URL by using the "Web forwarding" in the ISNIC-system. It's a free service - i.e. it's included in the year-fee of the domain.
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Oct 4, 2010

Short service period

ISNIC's web service will be interrupted for a few minutes between 18:00 and 18:30. No other disruptions are made to ISNIC's services. We apologize for any inconvenience. The ISNIC Staff
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Aug 20, 2010

30.000 .IS Domains

The number of .IS Domains has now reached 30.000. The ccTLD .IS is one of the "smallest" Top Level Domains in the whole DNS Society, but also one of the most secure ones according to McAfee report. Newertheless has .IS had a growth of over 100% in last three years...
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Aug 2, 2010

Bank holiday today

The weekend including the first monday in August is called "Verslunarmannahelgin" in icelandic, or "The Merchant's Weekend", which has an extra holiday on monday for everyone. ISNIC's office is therefore closed today.
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Jun 17, 2010

Office closed on Iceland's National Day.

ISNIC's office is closed today, 17th of June, as usually. To day is "Þjóðhátíðardagur", the National Day of Iceland. We celebrate the proclamation of the Republic in 1944 and the birthday of Jon Sigurdsson, 1811-1879, the leader of the 19th century Icelandic...
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May 24, 2010

ISNIC closed, monday 24th

Dear customer, ISNIC offices are closed, today is a bank holiday being the monday after White Sunday (Pentecost Monday). Domains can still be registered and activated immediately here on, if you pay with a credit card.
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Mar 11, 2010

.IS amongst the most secure top level domains in the world

A recent report published by McAfee, "Mapping the Mal Web" 2009, states that the ccTLD ".is" is amongst the 10 most secure domains in the world. There is only a 0,3% chance of a malicious .is domain involving viruses or other forms online threats...
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Mar 3, 2010

ISNIC moves

On 4th of March, ISNIC moves from Dunhagi 5 to Höfðatún 2, 105 Reykjavík. The office is closed, but you can use Svarbox and email to contact us. None of ISNIC's services should be affected by the move.
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Feb 10, 2010

How does the Internet work?

For those who are interested, this simple video on Youtube may help you understand how the Internet works, especially Internet Exchanges (IX) like the RIX which ISNIC operates. Another video explains in simple terms how the Internet naming system (DNS) works...
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Jan 5, 2010

2009 - A good year

The ISNIC Team is very proud and thankful for 2009. It has been the best in our 20 years. We simplified and reduced the registration fee, accepted payment in Euros, we did not increase the annual fee, and still maintained a good financial result for the company...
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Dec 22, 2009

Season greetings

ISNIC will be closed over the christmas holidays, 23rd-25th december. We will also close on december 31st. ISNIC opens on january 4th...
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Nov 11, 2009

Good news for .IS domains

The total number of dot IS domains has now reached 27.000. New .IS-domain registrations have been very healthy lately and new registrations this September increased by 77% over September 2008, and October registrations increased 45% over the same month last year...
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Oct 23, 2009

The German ccTLD changes their registration requirements

The .DE domain has relaxed some of it's rules and now you can register 2 letter domains and similar domains as other rootdomains (like .com and .net), register geographic abbreviations of car license plates. More information on DENIC
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Oct 19, 2009

The number 42

The number 42 is a special number. During week 42 ISNIC received 42 domain registrations from individuals of 152 new domains in the 42. week of the year.
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Sep 1, 2009

New registration increase by 55%

The .is-domain registrations during August increased by 55% from August 2008. 537 domains were registered, while 337 domains were registered August 2008. This is fantastic news. Inspite of an increase in cancellations the total number of .IS domains continues to increase...
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Jul 21, 2009

20 years of Internet in Iceland

July 21st 2009 marks the 20 year anniversary of the first IP communication in and out of Iceland. This day, in 1989 SURIS (an informal organization of networking people in Iceland -- later incorporated as ISNIC Internet á Íslandi hf.) established direct IP communication...
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Jun 24, 2009

Web Forwarding

ISNIC newest service is Web Forwarding. Once logged in, you can forward your .is-domain's web to an active website by clicking on ""Web Forwarding" on My Page...
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Jun 17, 2009

Bank holiday

Today, June 17th is the Icelandic National Day, or independence day. ISNIC, and most Icelandic companies are therefore closed but we open again tomorrow.
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May 19, 2009

Domain registrations are rising in spite of everything!

A new addition on our website is a domain counter which shows you how many registered .IS domains there are. It's located next to the flags on the top of the page. Today, 19/May/2009, we are close to breaking the 25.000 mark!
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Apr 27, 2009

.IS now serviced by the Autonomica Anycast System

ISNIC has signed a contract for anycasti services for the .is ccTLD with Autonomica AB of Stockholm Sweden. Autonomica is the current operator of the I-root, and as such operates servers in 33 locations all over the world...
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Apr 22, 2009

Summer is here!

Those who pay by credit card can register and pay for a .is domain here on the website 24/7. You just need to register as a contact from the menu on the left, and follow the instructions. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes...
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Apr 8, 2009

Easter holidays

ISNIC closes the offices during the easter vacation like so many Icelandic businesses. Easter lasts from 9th April - 13th April. We will be available again on tuesday, 14th April. Domains can be registered at any time if you use a credit card. Happy Easter! The ISNIC staff.
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Apr 7, 2009

RFC-1 40 year jubilee

Today is the 40th anniversary of the publication of RFC1 - Host Software by Steve Crocker. RFC stands for "Request for Comments" and it is the procedure by which nearly all internet protocols are documented to this day...
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Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We wish you all a happy new year! ISNIC will open on January 5th but you can still get your domains with our on-line payment system! The ISNIC Team
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Dec 1, 2008

ISNIC cuts initial registration fee

The ISNIC domain tariff has now been changed, and the initial registration cost lowered as of December 1st 2008. Now only the first year fee needs to be prepaid, before the domain is registered, the special startup fee (initial registration fee) is no longer charged...
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Nov 29, 2008

ISNIC update

19:30. The ISNIC web server has now been updated. Users should see no visible changes, and functionality should remain the same for all operations. ISNIC
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Nov 28, 2008


The ISNIC web site will be down for maintainence on 29th November 2008. The service period will be from 13:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT. During the service period, new domains cannot be registered and domains cannot be modified...
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Nov 14, 2008

.IS - a highly secure Top Level Domain

ISNIC and it's forerunners have registered .IS domains from 1988. ".IS" is consistently among the top 5 most secure domains in the world according to McAfee Inc, 2008, and 2007. Dot IS was one of the first ccTLD's to have a completely automated registration system,...
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Nov 4, 2008

On-line chat

The Svarbox (above) is a secure on-line chat, directly to an on-line ISNIC representative. Click on the yellow logo, type your name and e-mail click the button and we will reply to your question, immediately or via email if we are not here...
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Oct 29, 2008

.IS Registration rules changed.

Registering .IS domains no longer requires the domain's administrative contact to be icelandic. The registration steps are simple: First you need a username (NIC- handle) from ISNIC. To create your "NIC-handle" select "Contacts/register" from the menu (left)...
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Oct 17, 2008

Addendum to the upcoming regulation change

Following the announcement of .IS domain rules to change 29th October, the ISNIC Board has made an additional modification...
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Sep 30, 2008

Administrative contact regulation change

Administrative contact or proxy agent change The Board of ISNIC has agreed to modify the requirement for foreign registrations (Rule 2.3.1). Foreign registrants will here after be able to designate a registered agent as before, however the agent list will also include...
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Jul 31, 2008

Dot IS now open 24/7

You can now register and pay for a secure .IS top level domain by creditcard, and register your older domains into automatic and secure renewal. Registration process in six easy steps: 1. Select Contacts -> Register, from the menu, if you are a new user...
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Jul 17, 2008

Registration and renewal fees by creditcard

ISNIC customers can now pay registration and renewal fees for .is domains by creditcard. The last step of the registration process now allows the registrant to select to pay the fees using a creditcard. The registrant can also register the card details with ISNIC and...
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Jun 20, 2008

Dot IS is a very secure domain

According to the new McAfee report Mapping the Mal Web (jun/2008) the icelandic contry code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .IS is one of the least-risky domains in the world, and the 4th best in Europe, Middle East and Africa regions...
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Jun 17, 2008

June 17th

June 17th is the Icelandic Independence day and national holiday since 1944, when the date was chosen as the foundation day of democracy in Iceland and seperation from Denmark...
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Jun 2, 2008

Opening hours change during the summer

Please note that our phone support will only be open from 9-16 during the summer period...
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Apr 7, 2008

Birthday of the internet

Today there are 39 years since the contract between ARPA and BBN was made. The ARPANET is the cornerstone of the Internet as we know it today. Another contract, RFC-1, is also published on this day:
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Sep 21, 2007

Changes to .IS technical requirements

ISNIC has changed the technical requirements for .IS delegations. It is no longer required to provide zone-transfer access to registered .IS domains and a MX record is no longer required. Technical requirements can be found on our website...
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Sep 19, 2007

Dot IS now easier to register

Foreign registrants of .IS domains have until now been required to confirm their ownership of the corresponding trademark at the Icelandic Patent Agency (Einkaleyfastofa) before the domain can be registered. This requirement has now been lifted...
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Oct 19, 2004

RIPE NCC Operated K-root Server Instance Deployed in Reykjavik

On Thursday 14, October 2004, The RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre) in partnership with ISNIC deployed a new mirror instance of the K-root Internet root name server at the Reykjavik Internet Exchange (RIX), Iceland...
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Jul 1, 2004

Registration of IDN names

On July 1 2004 ISNIC started accepting registration of localized (IDN) domain names. Names are restricted to the official icelandic alphabet (ASCII plus áéýúíóþæðö). During the registration "sunrise" period for localized domains (until January 1 2005),...
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Jun 6, 2013

something was lost

hello world
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