17. júl. 2008

Registration and renewal fees by creditcard

ISNIC customers can now pay registration and renewal fees for .is domains by creditcard. The last step of the registration process now allows the registrant to select to pay the fees using a creditcard. The registrant can also register the card details with ISNIC and register his/her domains for automatic renewal. In this case the renewal fee will be debeted to the card 60 days prior to its expiry date, automatically.

Existing domains can similarly be registered for automatic renewal. The domain's admin or billing contact logs on the ISNIC web, selects Change Automatic Renewals, and clicks Register for automatic renewal for the each domain where automatic renewal is desired, either selecting to use their already registered creditcard, or registering one for the renewal. The domain will then be renewed 60 days prior to its expiry date, automatically every year while the card is valid.

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